Hello. Welcome to “Living with Epilepsy”, “Let’s talk about it”! This is will be an informative site, helping all that are struggling with Epilepsy.  I will post daily, personal stories from my heart, the challenges and struggles I have been through in my life, and still do. Being an Epilepsy Warrior, means that we can as a group help each other through challenges and succeed.  I have decided not to let the diagnosis define who I am.  Through my photography, I am empowered each day with a hope for a cure.   Look forward to updates from the Epilepsy Foundations exciting fundraising  from around the globe.  Also, I want to introduce you to a  Scientist, and CEO of Neurish, Phil Gattone who has developed an incredible App for smart phones. The app is called “Neurish”.  Other guests that will add to the blog will be  Author, Editor and speaker, Chris Maxwell.  Lots of my black and white photography too… Stay positive and have a beautiful day.