Living with Epilepsy, Let’s talk about it.

Epilepsy and Relationships

Being diagnosed with Epilepsy is challenging enough, but to share a private part of you in a relationship may seem scary, but remember your partner should understand, care, and love the entire package (all of who you are). Epilepsy should not be a disorder feared to discuss, especially with your new partner. Once you stop treating Epilepsy as a stigma, others will also.  I recently had to be upfront about my having Epilepsy with a great gentleman, I recall feeling nervous over what his response may be.  His response was more caring and understanding than I had expected. Having the confidence to share your “story” of how you were diagnosed with Epilepsy is part of who you are.  First you must love and accept yourself for who you are and then it will be easier for you to just talk about it with your partner.  I know you are amazing, strong and beautiful.  Remember just start off by being you and open up to your partner. By being upfront about it, you will feel so much better.

Looking forward to hearing from you.




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