“Living with Epilepsy”. “Lets talk about it.”

Good Morning and Happy Friday!

“If you have a dream go on a journey to fulfill that dream.”  My goal is to touch every reader with the written word, the same way I touch those with my photography.  It comes from the deepest part of my heart and soul. Please feel free to follow me on Instagram @imagestudiob.  Epilepsy, as many of you may also experience, is very much part of your life, it does not define who you are as a person. In all actuality, you will become more aware of  how you feel in your day to day life.  Getting sleep is very important, eating a healthy diet, exercise, trying to stay stress free.  The stress free piece is difficult to achieve. I suggest Yoga and listen to your favorite music that help relieve stress. (I listen to Train and Andy Grammar when writing and editing my photography.)  Having support and love from family, a loving partner, children and friends is key.  Remember if you need extra support, call The Epilepsy Foundation in your Country/State/Region.  There you will find knowledgeable staff filled with love, kindness and care.  They offer many programs and services, when I was a teen I joined their support group. It helped me get through struggles, especially when dealing with peers and their understanding of Epilepsy.  Do not be afraid to talk about it.  Remember you have strength, beauty and determination!  I believe in you.




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