“Living with Epilepsy.” “Lets talk about it.”

Being thankful and saying thank you..


Yes, having a Seizure can be very scary for the person having it, you have loss of memory, there is an overall fear of impending doom, and there is a need to have your closest friends or family near by to assure that you are “ok”.

I would like to share a very personal short story about myself.  Going back to my first Epileptic Seizure.  While visiting my very dear friends”Tracy”and her cousin “Andrew”. I had a “Grand Mal Seizure”. We were all so very young Tracy and I were 15 years old and Andrew was 16 years old.  They didn’t know what to do and were frightened. Tracy’s father, was called upon and he being a police officer knew what to do.  My recollection of that afternoon is vague.  But, I want to thank Tracy and Andrew for being so strong and loving while they  cared for me and running for help.  Tracy’s father was a true angel being there by my side.

So, it is important to thank those who have gone above and beyond to help you.  From a First Responder, to your family, friends, significant other and even your pet.  You will feel very good inside.  I am emotional writing this segment, realizing that I do not recall having  thanked these very dear people for their help, love, care and concern.



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