“Living with Epilepsy.” “Let’s talk about it.”

“Epilepsy and Music, Epilepsy and Massage”

Good Morning !

As many of you know, I am the daughter and sister of  two incredible musicians, so music was and still is very “alive” in my home.  After being diagnosed with Epilepsy as a teenager, and music being  the “most important” to me, I always wondered about the effects of music and Epilepsy.  Well, years later, I noticed that music that was relaxing  to me would be (love songs, soft rock, opera and classical music) this genre of music actually relaxed my person as a whole.  Comparing the music that I also enjoy, loud rock, some was relaxing, while other music actually caused for me to feel extremely uptight and anxious. Strangely enough, I have had a a seizure as a teen, while listening to “The Boss”.  I love his music and still listen to certain songs of his, except this one specific song that triggers an uncomfortable memory. You see, the brain can respond to a variety and too much of any one stimulus produces a kind of fatigue and even irritation. Try to listen to music that matches your metabolism at a specific time, ( my personal example: waking up in the morning and going for your walk  and getting ready for your day I suggest listening to Train, Andy Grammar and Maroon 5,  and a little Michael Buble. On your drive in to work, I suggest Sara Bareilles, Taylor Swift, and Vampire Weekend, when your day is over and you want to reflect and wind down: Hailee Steinfeld and  Gavin DeGraw, and Rachel Platten)  Remember, Listening to music while preparing dinner can be so much fun and relaxing.  These are just my suggestions, I have many, many more and would love to share them with you.  Now, my favorite subject, Massage Therapy and its benefits, I have a very dear friend Kyle Carso, who is the owner of “Carso Health and Performance, LLC”, he has 29 years of experience and training in massage therapy  and is an amazing Massage therapist. I highly suggest a visit for relaxation.  Learning that Massage therapy provides relief from chronic pains and medical disorders and it also helps with overcoming depression, stress and anxiety.  I frequented “By The Sea”, in Branford, CT. ,for a weekly massage.  The Staff are very kind and talented at helping you get to the most relaxed state away from anxiety and stress.  After my massage was over I felt fresh and energetic.  So, I highly recommend you to have a massage at least once a month if you can, It will be beneficial to you.  If the price of having a massage is a little too steep, Massage Therapy Schools will give “free” massages for graduation credits. Remember: “Breathe… Relax… Repeat..”

Carso Health and Performance, LLC contact number- (860-996-7200)

By The Sea, LLC contact number -(203-483-3333

Have a lovely day,


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