“Living with Epilepsy.” “Lets talk about it.”


Famous Actor, Greg Grunberg, is a voice teaching others about Epilepsy through his site called “talkaboutit.org”.  Greg invites many celebrities on a “subway ride that he also takes” to discuss Epilepsy and bring awareness to the disease overall.  Greg plays a police detective with “special powers”, on the popular TV series ,”Hero’s”.  But he became a hero of a different kind when his 7 year old son, Jake, was diagnosed with Epilepsy 6 years ago.  Before that Greg was unfamiliar with the neurological condition.  He began an amazing journey to help Jake’s seizures, by using his voice.  Greg is now one of the “well known” voices and advocates.  He is aware of the need for public knowledge of the disease.  His public profile has helped in a way that no other has been able to.  Recently, he was in Washington, D.C., as an advocate for Epilepsy Awareness.  He also speaks daily about his son Jake’s experience with Epilepsy and his experiences.  So, my friends, I highly suggest you follow “talkaboutit.org”, take a ride on the coolest and most informative subway ride with Greg and his visitors, you can learn more about Epilepsy.

Thank you Greg for your voice and advocacy.  

Have a great day!


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