“Living with Epilepsy.”Let’s talk about it.”

Photography and being a woman.

Good morning my friends,

Last night I could not sleep, tossed and turned thinking about my past and how I became a confident photographer ready to conquer anything.  So, once again, earbuds in at 7:30am wanting to share a very personal story to both men and women.

About  12 years or so ago, when I fell “in love” with photography and all aspects of the art/trade. I truly loved it, from the marketing aspect to posing and editing then watching the joy an image brought to the faces of a client.  Working very hard for this  “photographer” brought me such an exciting rush of happiness.  But something was missing, I was told “you will never be anything in the industry because you are a WOMAN”,the man’s world of photography.” Yes, I believed him, my self esteem was lower than ever, and looked up to him, so believed in what he said on a weekly basis.  So, many times while photographing weddings, I was the lens gofer for him.  This, of course did not make me to happy or fulfilled.  The topper was after 15 hours or so of photographing from my heart, the comment made was “ah I have seen better.”  My self esteem was brought to a level lower than I could ever have imagined.  When the same client came to view her images, she fell in love with my images, can you imagine. At that moment, I recall the thoughts that flew through my mind, I am a woman and a damn good photographer.  Go for it on your own!! So here I am, talking to both men and women about living their dream and going all the way. Do not let anyone tell you that you cannot achieve your dream.  I know you can do it.  I am a prime example for many out there!  Follow my journey on instagram @imagestudiob or Facebook, Maria Bracale and of course on Word press.

Have a wonderful day!


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