“Living with Epilepsy.” “Let’s talk about it.”

The Car Accident

Good Morning.

Hoping that everyone is having a relaxing and enjoyable weekend.  Today, I would like to share another personal story with you. With Epilepsy, taking your medication on time is imperative, as is getting 8 hours sleep , eating healthy and living a somewhat stressless life.  When I was in my early 20’s, I lived a very stressful life by working full-time , at the same time I was also a weekend cocktail waitress and attended college full-time. Oh I must also share  that  I was on a early morning running regime and my diet was not great.  There wasn’t enough time in my crazy day to eat anything other than a quick salad and maybe a bagel.   Yes, I thought I could do it all, I had a “superhero outlook.”  It was a cool Spring early morning and I had a dentist appointment.  I woke up feeling rushed, so I didn’t take my seizure medication, I put my pill bottles on the passenger seat of my car and figured I would take my medication when I arrived at the Dentist’s office. My medical alert bracelet was left on my dresser.  Well, I never arrived to my appointment.  The last thing I remember was a First Responder taking me out of my car.  He told me that I had a seizure behind the wheel of my car, at a red light, my foot hit the gas pedal and caused a 4 car pile up.  My first question was , “is anyone hurt?”  Thank God, no one was hurt.  I guess my guardian angel was working overtime on this particular morning. I was pretty banged up, was in the E.R. and my car was totaled.  From that moment on, I had a different perspective on my life and those that I love.  I took my medication on a normal schedule, never skipped or took them late. My over doing it days were over, because as sad as it may be, the truth is  I am not a superhero.  Stress was handled in a proactive manner.  College went from a full time schedule to a  part time schedule. Cocktail waitressing ended.  My eating habits were now normal.  My bracelet was a permanent fixture to my wrist. Sharing this story with you brought back memories that are quite unpleasant, but maybe I will be a guiding force to let you know how important it is to take your medication and live life in a normal and stressless manner. You see, it only takes one voice and one story to help touch the life’s of many.

Thank you.



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