“Living with Epilepsy.” “Let’s talk about it.”


Phil Gattone, CEO and Co-Founder of Neurish

Good Morning, welcome to another beautiful day.   Today I want to share with you the story of a brilliant man, for whom I am so happy to call my dear friend. His name is Phil Gattone,  he also has Epilepsy. He has taken his knowledge of the disorder to the forefront and developed a smartphone application called “Neurish.” Neurish is a mobile location-based social networking app and also a website for people affected by epilepsy.  Neurish connects you with patients, caregivers ad mentors who have had similar experiences with epilepsy.  Neurish also provides you with a well curated list of high quality epilepsy resources from all over the world. Neurish works with other epilepsy organizations as well to bring you the highest quality resources available and to help improve your quality of life. Neurish will connect you with epileptologists, mentors and events wherever you are living.   To Register for the app takes only a few minutes, for a lifetime of help and support.  You will become part of an amazing community of people who have had similar experiences that you have had.  I personally love this app.  Phil, I personally want to thank you for “saving the day” you are “Superman” for those of us who have epilepsy.  With all of your hard work and knowledge about epilepsy, you have created an amazing app. that will be the guiding force for all.

Have a terrific day and see everyone on “Neurish.”


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