“Living with Epilepsy.” “Let’s talk about it.”

Chris Maxwell’s upcoming book :

” Underwater”

 Good Morning!

Today I have been given the opportunity to meet the brilliant  Author, editor and amazing speaker Chris Maxwell. Learning  about his journey and fight through the infection of the brain known as “Encephalitis” which caused “Epilepsy.” Chris has shared his life experience through the written word, with an upcoming book titled “Underwater.” This morning I will share a bit with you.

“The news isn’t good.” Chris finds out that his life is about to change forever.  He wants to fight his way through the frightening situation, but he is not sure exactly how to.  He felt “lost at sea and deep underwater, afraid, knowing that their may be no way ashore.” He needed a way to “breathe, to escape and was looking to be rescued.”  My dear friend, Speaker, Author and Editor Chris Maxwell experienced these feelings  in many ways on many days, and still does.  His life almost ended. And though he survived, he became a totally different man.  In the captivating read, “Underwater”: Learning to Live Again, Maxwell reveals his “experience and his endurance.” Though your adventure is different from his, I promise you will be able to relate.  Read his story. Visit his plight about when he feels submerged under the surface of water, when safety seems distant, when hope isn’t easy to find.  Realize there is beauty underwater, and there is grace to bring you ashore. “If any neurologist looks at Chris’s MRI of the brain and then sees Chris, they can’t believe they are looking at the same person.  Chris could easily have gone into a deep depression over his illness. His tenacity to stubbornly refuse to lose is what made him into the WINNER in life that he has become today.  I hope that when you read Underwater: Learning to Live Again, you realize that, like Chris, you too have the ability to dominate over your obstacles.  Don’t let epilepsy or your illness define you.  You can succeed in life if you believe in what you are doing and willing to fight for it.”  I know you will love this book and promise that it will help you in your journey through life. (Hal S. Pineless, D.O.,FACN President, NeuroCare Institute of Central Florida, Winder Park, FL., Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine (Neurology) Florida State University College of Medicine, Medical Director, NeuLife Rehabilitation, Mt, Dora, FL.)

Chris discusses in his book how leaders talk about how forgetting someone’s name reveals poor leadership. He hopes that they do not learn the way he learned about forgetting, about brain damage and epilepsy. With Encephalitis and Epilepsy, it was like a storm permanently damaging the world of his mind, his emotions and his life.  Come join me for a few moments and visit the storm that Chris was in. Chris takes us back to March 1996, where he can recall some parts of the story.  Life was a “normal daily adventure”, until he had a out of the norm headache one day; those weren’t typical for Chris. His wife Debbie, was alarmed when he had slept through a breakfast appointment the next day.  Chris began seeing things and saying strange things like, “Your rabbits ran into the house,” to his sons, who did not have rabbits.” His odd behavior continued, Debbie became very worried and took him to the  hospital.  The headache and visions turned out to be encephalitis, a swelling of the brain caused by an infection.  The resulting brain damage and scar tissue had changed his personality, and affected his memory, this lead to a diagnosis of epilepsy.

“Underwater”, will be his 8th book and will be released this Spring 2017.  You can also find more information on his life changing story on the following website: http://www.chrismaxwell.me 

Follow Chris and his life altering journey, a true story of family, challenge, struggle and the fight to overcome the odds.


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