“Living with epilepsy.” “Let’s talk about it.”

Good Morning my family and friends, Parents, teachers and students both near and far.  I want to thank you for following my daily blog.  Today’s blog is very important. When It comes to epilepsy and bullying what do you really know? Do you know anyone that has epilepsy? Who do you know that may not be nice or actually bully a child, teen or adult with epilepsy? I unfortunately have been in situations as an teen with those “not nice/not educated” people. Listed here you will find important information that you should know because someone struggling with epilepsy could be someone you know, and fearful of sharing.  Epilepsy/seizures happen when the electrical part of the brain malfunctions or when the seizure threshold     (yes, we all have a seizure threshold) lowers and instead of discharging electrical energy in a controlled manner, the brain cells keep firing, resulting in that surge of energy that causes unconsciousness in some and or contractions in the muscles.  Some may have confusion, loss of memory and not be completely aware of what has happened or that they have had a seizure.  Seizures most of he time only last about one-two minutes, but unfortunately the confusion lasts longer, followed by a feeling of exhaustion that only sleep can help overcome.  Many who struggle  with epilepsy know what “triggers” may cause a seizure.  The most common is not taking your medicine on time or by skipping a dose.  Many other factors include: hormone fluctuation, stress, sleep patterns that are off, and photo sensitivity.  When someone first witnesses a seizure they are very scared and worried about the person having the seizure.  Those who Bully  are connected with poor social skills, poor self esteem and depression.   Bullying directly effects those that have epilepsy! WE NEED TEACHERS, PARENTS, FRIENDS AND FAMILY to please educate your students, children and friends.  This will make a huge difference in the life of a person with epilepsy.

Remember – Epilepsy…Let’s talk about it!!!!

Have a terrific Saturday.

Exciting news coming up… I will be visiting Canine Partners for Life, interviewing them and  meeting these amazing dogs, going Facebook Live on my way there.  Feb 21-22…


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