“Living with Epilepsy.” “Let’s talk about it.”


Good Morning and Happy Super Bowl Sunday, Good luck to both teams!

So last night, my boyfriend and I went to dinner with two very dear friends.  During our many topics of conversation, and laughter, I realized we how effortless our friendship and conversation was.  Yes, all relationships are work, but when it becomes exhausting, uncomfortable and when love, kindness and respect have disappeared, it is time to move on from that person.   Humor is a main ingredient needed with any “friendship”.  If you can laugh at yourself or any situation that you may be in and share it with your dear friend/friends, and not be concerned about being “judged” or look for that feeling of “approval”, you have been graced with a very special friendship.  Now, “friendship is when a stronger form of an interpersonal bond where characteristics such as a sympathy, empathy, honesty, altruism, mutual understanding and compassion are the foundation.”  A significant other should be your best friend where you are not fearful of sharing anything with.  Sharing the fact that you have epilepsy  with your friend and significant other should be painless.  Remember, add a bit of humor to life and smile,  I promise you will feel good about yourself as well as your diagnosis.  Keep those dear “friends” close to your heart, and you will be fine. Remember,”Friendship isn’t about who you’ve known the longest. It’s about who walked into your life and said I’m here for you and proved it.” So, I am thanking my “friends and my significant other” for being so special to my heart.

Enjoy your day!


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