“Living with Epilepsy.” “Let’s talk about it.”

Good Morning!

Welcome to “Living with Epilepsy.” “Let’s talk about it.” A sincere thank you to those in the USA, U.K., Italy and Australia who have been loyal followers.  My hope that my “one voice” would touch the lives of  many is actually happening and I am grateful to all.

Today I wanted to touch on the subject of “relaxation”.  Although we say we are going to take a class in meditation or take an amazing Yoga class to help us relax (which I highly suggest), for some that is a temporary fix.  When you “relax”, you are giving your body permission to let go of worries, stressors for a while. Learning to “relax” is one of the most difficult exercises.  Personally speaking, daily life challenges do not allow for me to completely “relax”, and I am sure I am not alone there.  One of Life’s challenges consist of “family” and the stress that is connected with the many aspects of “family”. ( I know we all have that stress, you can’t hide from it, trust me I have tried) At times we all wish we could move far away, but that is unrealistic.  So,  Most of us turn to our closest “friends” or “significant other” and many also seek a professional therapist to help us to destress and declutter . Relaxation takes practice. Relaxing will give your mind and body time to recover from the stresses of everyday life and its challenges. Relaxation will also help with Epilepsy and the stressor’s connected with the many facets of the disorder. My personal quick tip is to take a minute to breathe, this will help you regain control of a situation.  We all do know how to “breathe”, but that is because we are conscious of it.  Take a few minutes to focus and concentrate on how you breathe. Sit in a comfortable and supportive chair, put one hand on your chest and the other on your abdomen, breathe as you would normally but think of your “happy place” this will help you relax.  Continue to concentrate on taking deep breaths, this will help clear your mind.  Bring calm to your life and try this exercise when you feel stressed.  Remember Epilepsy, Let’s talk about it.

Have a good day,



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