“Living with Epilepsy.” “Let’s talk about it.”

The gift of photography

Good Morning my friends!

This morning I woke up thinking of my favorite photographers and the contribution they have given to our society with the “gift” that they were given.   Being a Professional Photographer I love and appreciate the special “gift” we have. The ability to tell a loving story and hold on to that memory by taking an image is a “gift.” Knowing that every picture taken will hold a special place in the heart and soul of a client is a special “gift.”  Photography has nothing to do with cameras, when you have the “gift” of photography, you have something very special.  You can capture the heart, soul and memory of any person or situation. Photographers that I  enjoy either working with or admire their work are, Craig Steven Evans, CSE Photography, Wales, He brings amazing beauty to anything from a sunset at a beach to sports photography and everything in between, Irene Liebler, is also a well known, award winning photographer in CT., her work is breathtaking. Also, John William Hayes,is award winning,  his landscape photography is one of a kind.  Eileen Curnin, award winning photographer as well,  is an amazing landscape photographer.  

Today, I want to bring light to my dear friend and Master Photographer, David Hakamaki.  He is known as the photography “Guru” in the world of photography.  A little about David Hakamaki, he is the owner of “Cutting Edge Photography”, of Michigan. He is a National Speaker and Educator  of photography and lighting.  He is a member of  PPA, DPPA, WPPI and BNI, as well as a featured Savage Photographer.  His Wedding photography is untouchable, elegant and timeless. He not only has mastered posing, but has mastered the unchartered territory for many photographers, “lighting”.  He uses strobes, speed lights or LED constant lighting.  David also uses artificial lighting to really obtain a distinguished look.  His senior photography is also one of a kind.  He uses bright backdrops for bold headshots, “working with bright colors will make your image pop.” His current demonstrations  and classes can be seen at WPPI in Las Vegas.  David also incorporates very unique flooring and props for his senior portraits.  He also uses his expertise of business, marketing and photography to educate photographers.  He is fun and dynamic with his teaching methods, his classes are “standing room only.” His warm, kind and caring demeanor with each and every client make his photography sessions one of a kind.  He is very active in his local community, he is a girls softball coach and travels the country in search of adventure with his lovely family.  Stay tuned for more exciting news about David!

Thank you to my fellow artists, some of us using the art of photography to capture the beauty of life as we struggle and win the fight with Epilepsy. 

Have a beautiful day,


3 thoughts on ““Living with Epilepsy.” “Let’s talk about it.”

      1. Great writing, Maria, and I liked your ideas about the craft of photography, especially the challenge of capturing the “moment” whether posed or candid

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