“Living with Epilepsy.” “Let’s talk about it.”


Good morning Connecticut. it is SNOWING and I am very happy!  Looking forward to a long walk in the snow with my special someone taking  images.  Today I wanted to touch upon the topic of “Faith” and how easy it is to lose it during difficult times in life.

During my life I can say that I have fallen into the category with those who have lost their faith due to a circumstance that may be out of their control.  Yes, I attended mass every week since a very young age.  Unfortunately, being diagnosed with epilepsy and the struggles connected with this diagnosis caused me to question my faith.  My challenge with sharing my disorder with family, friends and boyfriends caused me to  struggle emotionally.  At this time I became the  definition of the disorder, not “Maria”, the person filled with  kindness, caring and love.  Although I  weekly attended mass and prayed every night, my faith was lost.  Turning to photography helped me believe that there was more to me than just the diagnosis of epilepsy.  Yes, past relationships have ended, my heart was broken more than once, I had experienced abuse, something I never thought I would ever experience in life, but my love of photography never ended.  Recently, I spoke with my dear friend and spiritual guide “Deacon Bob”, in the past, he always had the knack of helping me get through challenging situations, with his kind words and knowing that I can only “accept what is  and to let go of what was and have “faith”  in what will be.” Presently, my “faith” is stronger than ever.  All aspects of my life have become “beautiful” and “amazing”. So for those who have lost “faith” due to a diagnosis, or any life challenges remember, “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, its about learning to dance in the rain.”

Have a wonderful day!


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