“Living with Epilepsy.” “Let’s talk about it.”

What is Happiness?

Good morning! Here in CT., once again we are bracing for another large snow storm which is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. ( as most of you know, this puts a smile on my face)

As I woke up this morning, I began thinking of the challenges I have had in life and where I am today, beginning in my childhood years to those wonderful teen years with the diagnosis of epilepsy and dealing with my fear of rejection. This unfortunately caused relationship struggles with family, friends and boyfriends.

As an adult I have found what true happiness is, true happiness to me is my son, my dear family and friends and of course my significant other. My personal definition of happiness had to be learned through many trials and tribulations, by not allowing others to define me, by always being true to myself first because only then would I know what true happiness is. Always Remember that happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing can make us happy until we choose to be happy. ( I am a professional photographer, my clients are happy because my images capture love, joy, happiness for a life long memory. If I was not happy it would show in my work.)

So this morning I interviewed a few people from different parts of the globe. First I spoke with the beautiful Diletta Santucci from Naples, Italy. I asked her what “happiness” meant to her, her response was “for me the word happiness is synonymous with love…the love of family or the love to give to someone special and to live to love and discover new things.”

Next, I spoke with talented photographer and dear friend from Wales, Craig Stevens Evans of Wales, I asked him what “happiness” meant to him, He said “I am happy, my photography makes me very happy along with the love and care from my family and friends, including my dear friend and fellow photographer Maria.”

Lastly, I spoke with the amazing Editor, Author and Speaker, Chris Maxwell of Georgia. I asked what “happiness” meant to him. Well I learned from this brilliant Author, “Happiness comes and goes. It often depends on feelings or circumstances. Moods. Trends. Money. Health. But “joy” is calmness in the storm. It’s a smile when there’s no external motive to smile.”

Thank you Diletta, Craig and Chris for your time and input on this very broad subject matter. You will help many with your kindness and guidance. For today, find what makes you happy. I would love to know what makes you happy. Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, WordPress and Instagram.

Have a terrific day,


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