“Living with Epilepsy.”let’s talk about it.


Good morning everyone and Happy Valentines Day!

Valentine’s Day is a day for celebrating the love, kindness and appreciation one may feel for another by the of giving cards, flowers and candy.  This wonderful tradition dates back to The Ancient Roman Times, the 3rd century A.D., to be exact.  The Pope at this time named the 14th of February after 2 martyrs named “Valentine” and combined this celebratory time with the “Feast of Lupercalia” which was celebrated from February 13-15.  This was a “match making” lottery and day of “fertility and love.”  (sounds interesting?)

Things are much different today.  Many are in relationships with their “soul mate”, many are still looking for their “true love” and others enjoy being “single”.  Today, I suggest that both men and woman please, love yourself first.   Yes, even if you have that significant other or friend, the only way you can actually give them all of your love is to love yourself first.   Having the belief in yourself that you are talented, bright and beautiful inside and out and knowing that you are deserving of such love and kindness is very important.  Being able to give “all” of yourself to another without question is very important.  Say goodbye to the days of low self esteem, you are all beautiful inside and out and have something very special to give. Never settle for less than you deserve.  Life is too short.  Please do not allow others to mistreat you on any level, you deserve the best that life can offer, but you need to take that chance and take the first step to happiness.  No matter what your struggle or challenge is, self love and respect is a key to happiness in life.  Everything else will fall into place. Trust me.  Thank you to my loyal friends and followers from the U.S.A, Australia, Italy, and the U.K.

Have a beautiful day filled with love and kindness,





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