“Living with Epilepsy.” “Lets talk about it.”


“My Guardian Angel”

 Good Morning My dear friends both near and far!

Last night I could not sleep at all!  Thinking about life and relationships. Yes, we do have so very many types of relationships don’t we.  From a parent child relationship to sibling relationships to spouse and best friend even pet relationships and our doctor patient relationship and so forth.  In many of these relationships there is a beginning and  in many cases an end (or moving on) .  It is very difficult when any relationship of any kind ends.  There are no words for an ending or moving on.  When the ending is the death of someone very close to our heart there are no words. My OWN personal belief is that the body may not be with us, but the spirit and soul of that person is very much alive and will be with us forever. That person becomes our “guardian angel” for our lifetime. Once again  my eyes are filled with tears, but I want to get personal with you. My Grandmother helped raise me.  She was my best friend in life.  “Nonnie”, was the strongest person I knew.  She taught me so much about life, even how to cook at a very young age. Hey,  I think I make great homemade sauce.  To me her love was like no other.  She helped me make so many decisions in life.  When I was diagnosed with epilepsy, she kept the positive tempo going strong by letting me know that I was ok and was a fighter that could accomplish anything.   Her support was of one of a kind and I miss it so very much.  Her memory is with me every day with many  decisions that I make in life.  Thus far yes I have stumbled a few times,        ( haven’t we all)  but every decision I have made has been for the best. Even if it has to do with the ending of a relationship of any kind.  And yes with any ending I see that there was a reason, I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t made every decision accordingly.  My relationships with all that are in my life today are beautiful and very fulfilling.  My “guardian angel” I know is very proud.  My next challenge is finding my “silent angel” donors to help me make my upcoming book a success.  Thank you for your kindness and  helping make my dream of being an advocate for epilepsy very real.

Have a beautiful day.



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