“Living with Epilepsy.” “Let’s talk about it.”

Good Morning to my friends near and far!!

Today I want to share with you the strength and courage of a family and their story about their little girl who I have come to know, her name is “Leah.” Leah, the normal playful, adorable, happy little girl. When at a very young age, 4 to be exact. Began having Gran Mal seizures.  Her parents and her sister were so frightened and did not know what was causing her epilepsy. After a battery of testing, the answer was “Rasmussen’s Encephalitis.” Rasmussen’s Encephalitis is a rare neurological inflammatory disease, characterized by frequent and severe seizures, loss of motor skills and speech, hemiparesis and dementia.  The only known cure for this very rare disease was to have a Hemispheretomy ( a radical surgery where the entire effected half of the brain is disconnected. Her parents, sister, family and friends were besides themselves with this diagnosis.  The outpour of support from the community was amazing.  Leah had the Hemispherectomy, It was a 14 hour surgery. Leah has been seizure free since the surgery.  She is now  8 years old  and is living with only half of her brain and is functioning as a happy go lucky little girl.   She loves reading books, going horseback riding and playing with her best friend and older sister Alexa.  More about Leah and her courageous battle coming up soon.

Epilepsy, Let’s talk about it.


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