“Living with Epilepsy.” “Let’s talk about it.”

Good Morning!

Let’s talk about “laughter.”

Laughter strengthens your immune system,  releases endorphins and boosts your mood, diminishes pain and protects you from the damaging effects of stress.  Basically seeking the opportunity for laughter, you are forcing your body to relax.  Laughter also WILL improve your emotional health and strengthen your relationships.

Personally,  when I feel uncomfortable about sharing a story about a particular situation, I add humor to it. Being able to laugh at yourself is a sign of resiliency and mental strength. Hey, we all make mistakes in life. ( I won a trophy for all of my mistakes)  No one is perfect. A big part of what makes us as humans so beautiful and unique is that we are not perfect.  We can either cry over our imperfections (yawn) or we can throw a bit of humor when discussing our imperfections. I highly suggest humor.  Epilepsy is NOT at all funny, but when  I share my own personal story of how I was diagnosed with epilepsy, It can be quite intense, so I add a bit of humor to my story, in my own way to soften it for the listener to make myself and the listener smile.  It shows how strong I actually have become.  Hey, in reality there is nothing I could do to change my diagnosis, so why not help others smile as part of my advocacy.  Looking forward to meeting you.  I promise you will smile.   Epilepsy… Let’s talk about it.

Have a terrific day!


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