“Living with Epilepsy.” “Let’s talk about it.”

Good Morning!

A few exciting things to share.. The book is almost completed.  My Co-Author is Kaity Bennett.  I have known Kaity and her family for 7+ years. We have a beautiful friendship, we understand what each of us has gone through in life.   Yesterday was her photo shoot.  She and her family have an amazing bond and strength.  Her images are amazing and through the camera’s eye I was able to capture true love of family.  Kaity’s mother is a very special person filled with strength and positive energy. Her father and brother and so very kind, and supportive.  Kaity’s family is so  knowledgeable of Epilepsy and are true supporters for many struggling out there.  Kaity and I have so many exciting events coming up.  Stay tuned.

In ending.. I would like for you to think about the following quote:

“Do not be with someone who does not treat you like a gift.” -sp

Remember…. Epilepsy, Lets talk about it.

Tomorrow I will be meeting with the Connecticut Chapter of the Epilepsy Foundation.  Plan on more exciting news coming…

I want to thank those nearest and dearest to me for your loving support, without it I would not be able to help so many with the struggles and challenges that epilepsy can cause.


3 thoughts on ““Living with Epilepsy.” “Let’s talk about it.”

  1. As KT’s Grandm0ther, and since her Aunt also has the condition.have always been interested to learn if her epilepsy is genetic. Wondered if you have traced it?
    I’m sure all will devour you book. Elaine Bennett

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    1. You can contact me anytime at 203-499-9789 txt is a good way to stay in touch. What a lovely family you have. I do not recall if her epilepsy was noted as being traced to genetics. I do have Anne Berg’s information and number, she is the scientist who ran the research study. She may still have the information, I am not completely sure if she does, now that the study completed. I hope that I was some help to you. Maria


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