“Living with Epilepsy.” “Let’s talk about it.”

Good Morning!

Hope that you are having a beautiful morning.  Listening to a very new song by Jackson Michelson,  “Something I can undue.”  The lyrics will touch your heart and soul plus put a smile on your face. You will want to sing along, I promise.

As an epilepsy advocate I want to shine sun into your life,  my goal is to help answer any of your questions and concerns and guide you to the appropriate organizations for help and guidance so that you can “be the best you that you can be.”

When struggling with epilepsy, many times we question our friendships due to low self esteem which has been caused by the diagnosis.  So there is a poem I often look to because it reminds me of those certain supportive, loving and kind friendships that I am fortunate to have made, some through my photography and some through my  various times in life.  Thank you for your love and loyalty.

“One day on this journey called life,  LOVE met FRIENDSHIP. LOVE asked, why do you exist when I already exist? FRIENDSHIP replied, “to put a smile where you’ve left tears”. -unknown

Today tell your special friends how much they mean to you!!

**Thank you again for donating to Kickstarter to help get my book published, you will help change so many lives.

Remember.. Epilepsy…Let’s talk about it.

Keep Smiling!


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