“Living with Epilepsy.” Let’s talk about it.”

Good Morning!

Hoping you have a wonderful day!  Today I want to chat a little about the effect that epilepsy can have on a romantic relationship.  People with epilepsy  get married, have children and enjoy family life.  Actually, loving, supportive and caring relationships are particularly important to help bring out the best in those with epilepsy. When someone with epilepsy can communicate with their partner about their challenges and fears and feels nurtured, their stress level will lower and quality of life will flourish. What a beautiful relationship for both, but if you are in a relationship where you cannot communicate with your partner, and he or she does not share an interest in you as a whole, the  chances of that relationship not making it are great.  If you have any questions of how to communicate with your partner about epilepsy, please contact your local Epilepsy foundation, or your neurologist.  They will help guide you through the most difficult hurdles.  Emotional support and good communication is the key ingredient to longevity and happiness for both in a longterm relationship.

Remember. Epilepsy, Let’s talk about it.

Keep smiling.


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