“Living with Epilepsy.” “Let’s talk about it.”

Good morning!

Up very early this morning, earbuds in listening to American HI-FI “The rescue” (Sound of Superman).  I highly suggest this song and thank my friend Matt Murry for suggesting this song for the blog.  Thank you Matt!  You are a true hero to help many struggling with epilepsy and thank you for donating to “Kickstarter” !  Raising money to get this book published is very challenging. So hopefully more like Matt and T.Bennett come through with kindness.

Today I am so very excited i will be photographing  “Leah” for her feature in the book !  Feeling so thankful for so many that have written for the book!  Dr. Cretella, your addition to this pictorial book will help so many that live in the shadows of epilepsy.  You are an amazing Neurologist.  Brilliant, warm, loving and caring to all of your patients.  Wednesday morning I will be on a radio show, more details to come tomorrow.  Then my exciting news with the Epilepsy Foundation will be upcoming!  Continue following the Epilepsy Foundation within your state.  The mission of this amazing group of people working  for The Epilepsy Foundation, is to lead the fight to overcome the challenges and obstacles for those living with epilepsy, find cures and save lives.

Enjoy your day!

Remember, Epilepsy let’s talk about it!!

Keep smiling!


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