“Living with Epilepsy.” “Let’s talk about it.”

Good Morning Friends!!

For those of you living in the North Eastern part of the country, you have snow and ice to contend with this morning.  Please take it slow and be careful.  Stay warm.

Of course earbuds in this morning, listening to”Helium” by Mikey Wax. The song and lyrics incorporate a positive feeling of “strength, courage and give a great get up  go beat”  for the listener.  I highly suggest this song!!  He had asked that I listen to it, and I had to buy it.  

So, as a professional photographer, I truly enjoy photographing couples.   Watching the love and connection between two people sparks magic for me and the lens.  Personally speaking, I can feel love right through the lens, and a story is being unfolded about romance, passion and friendship.  As photographers, our duty is to tell an amazing story and make a memory for the couple to remember all of their lifetime together.  Yes, I am a hopeless romantic to a flaw and I put all of my love of romance into every image that I make.  The list of photographer friends (that I also consider my family), feel the exact same way when telling a story of love.  Please when looking for a photographer, look for one with skill, knowledge, love and passion for photography.  My fellow photographers, It is not about the money it is about the client first and helping them make a memory with our gift of photography.

Quote for today:

“Be present. Be Kind. Believe in your dreams. Believe in yourself. Let go of what and who no longer serves you.  Hold on to those who respect and appreciate you.  Appreciate yourself. Love fiercely, Love Fearlessly. Love yourself !” – Taylor

Remember, Epilepsy… Let’s talk about it.


Keep Smiling,



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