“Living with Epilepsy.” “Let’s talk about it.”

Good Morning Friends!

Thank you to each Town in Connecticut for a quick clean up from our snow and ice storm.  Your hard work is appreciated!

Earbuds in of course, listening to a great song for running or walking, “Mr. Brightside”, by The Killers-Hot Fuss.  Awesome song, adding  it to your playlist is my recommendation.

Thank you to so many of you who have reached out with interest for the 13th Annual Sharon’s Ride, Run, Walk for The Epilepsy Foundation on Saturday, May 13, in West Haven, CT. also in Stamford & Tolland: Sunday May 21st, 2017.  I will be running/walking in West Haven as well as in Tolland on May 21st.  Looking forward to meeting you!! To register to be part of my team and walk or run with us “Team M” and receive a team tee designed by Forsa Team Sports, please go to WWW.epilepsyct.com.  “Team M” has a goal of raising $1,000.  And I know we can do it.

So many of my friends are either in beautiful relationships or getting out of unhealthy relationships. Men and women both, when dating, remember never to settle for less than you deserve in a relationship.  If it doesn’t feel right in your gut, then it may not be what is meant for you.  I am not an expert, and have had my relationships and have seen the proverbial red flags in relationships, but didn’t want to acknowledge them, so I stayed in them, not a smart thing to do.  When you meet your “perfect fit”, it should not be an effort to be with them, it should all just flow and be effortless. If you feel like something is wrong something is wrong. So,” believe that there are good men and women out there, and you will meet them.” -K.Seal

Remember, Epilepsy.. Let’s talk about it.

Keep smiling,





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