“Living with Epilepsy.” “Let’s talk about it.”

Good Afternoon my friends,

Earbuds in listening to Andy Grammar’s awesome song “Ladies”.  Yes, his mother taught him how to love and respect women. Thank you!!!  I am so grateful for the men who do show respect, honor and love to women.  I highly suggest you add this tune to your playlist!!

Being a single mom raising a son alone I understand wanting to be sure he had the utmost respect and love for women. Scott, you make me proud.

So happy day after St. Patrick’s Day to all!  I hope your day was filled with yummy food, friends and fun.  My day was truly enjoyable with those very dear to my heart.

Remember those who want to join Team M (my team) for The Epilepsy Foundation, “Sharon’s Run”, May 13th in West Haven, CT, or May 21, in Tolland and Stamford, CT., I will be in Tolland also on May 21st. You can walk, run or ride.  Tees will be given out for my team, they are designed by Forsa Team Sports in East Haven, CT. To register please go onto The Epilepsy Foundation’s site, http://www.epilepsyct.com


Remember, Epilepsy…. Let’s talk about it…

Keep Smiling..


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