“Living with Epilepsy.” “Let’s talk about it.”

Good Morning Friends!

Happy First Day of Spring!! Enjoy this season!  Spring is a beautiful time of rebirth.  The trees and flowers add color and beauty to the dull landscape that Winter has left behind.

Earbuds in as usual. This morning I am thinking of my Spring Brides. Sara Bareilles, “I Choose You”, Is such a beautiful song.  I highly suggest that everyone, especially those who have upcoming weddings add this song to your playlist.  This song would be a great addition to your Wedding film/movie.

“A photographer will capture that crazy feeling of love, that forever moment immortalized in an image, where life stands still and a story unfolds” – Queensberry

As a photographer,  Spring is the beginning of Wedding Season!  It is a beautiful time to capture  true love, honor, loyalty and commitment that two share for a lifetime. No matter how large or how small a ceremony, it is about the two hearts that come together. Personally speaking, photographing the bride getting prepared for the ceremony, in wrap around lighting as well as window lighting, make for the most amazing images. You can follow my images on instagram: imagestudiob  During the ceremony, I always look to see what the groom is feeling when he sees his bride for the first time, knowing this is the one love he has been waiting for his entire life.  Tears from the groom and bride filled with love, happiness and joy are a photographers dream.  True emotion from the deepest and most innocent part of the heart when two soulmates are vowing to love and honor for a lifetime, make for the most amazing images.  David Long of Epic Filmmakers, MA., is a good friend and amazing film maker. His gift and talent of filmmaking has taken the most special moments of a lifetime and transformed them into a heartfelt memory never to be forgotten.  He comes highly recommended, check out his work if you do not have a film maker for your upcoming special day.

Don’t forget to join “Team M” (my team) for The Epilepsy Foundation, “Sharon’s Run”, May 13th in West Haven, CT., or May 21st in Tolland and Stamford, CT. I will be walking, running in Tolland also on May 21st.  I look forward to meeting you for this special event.  Forsa Team Sports designed Team M tees, everyone on my team will receive a tee. To register http://www.epilepsyct.com

Remember.. Epilepsy, Lets talk about it.

Keep smiling,


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