“Living with Epilepsy.” Let’s talk about it.”

Good Morning Friends.

Earbuds in listening to “Lips are Moving”, by Meghan Trainor. Add this to your playlist.  A great song for walking or running. Hey, we all can relate to this song!!

Yes, relationships can be both challenging and exhausting, especially when dealing with that person who may be telling you a “line” of untruths. Remember, the old saying, “if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, guess what, it usually is a duck.” Speaking from experience and knowing this feeling all too well, it hurts to believe in someone but they let you down. Be strong! If your friends tell you to “RUN” from the situation, reevaluate the relationship, and listen to your gut feeling.  Have faith in your friends, you will more than likely gain the strength to leave.  We all deserve to be a priority and the most important to that special someone, not last on the list. It will be the best move you have made, because if you stay in the unhealthy relationship, you will not meet the person you are truly supposed to be with.  Everything happens for a reason.  Mr. or Ms. right is waiting for you, I promise you.  

Love and Respect yourself, you deserve only the best.

“You fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time.”  -Unknown

A shout out to Jeff from Forsa Team Sports, for designing amazing tee shirts also thank you to all those for joining “Team M” (my team).  Those who have joined will receive a tee shirt. The walk, run or ride for The Epilepsy Foundation of CT., (Sharon’s Run), will take place on May 13th in West Haven, CT., or May 21st in Tolland and in Stamford, CT. I will be in West Haven, CT., with my team and also in Tolland , CT. Looking forward to meeting everyone in either location.

Remember, Epilepsy… Let’s talk about it.

Keep smiling.




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