“Living with Epilepsy.” “Let’s talk about it.”

Good Morning!

Earbuds in listening to a favorite band  Train and their empowering song “Words”.  Please add this song to your playlist and please listen to the lyrics of this song to and help those struggling in life.  If only one person makes a change by standing up for what they believe in using their words, knowledge, strength and power, I believe a difference will be made.

There has been of So much excitement happening since my Advocacy Training and meeting with the wonderful East Haven, CT., Town Representative James Albis, at the States Capital.  He would like to help the many (60,000 in CT and 1700 in East Haven alone) diagnosed with Epilepsy. He understands once being diagnosed with Epilepsy by a Neurologist, many do not know about the organizations that they can turn to for guidance or who will advocate for them.  He is looking into Outreach programming in our town.   The first exciting part of my Advocacy is my working in conjunction with the East Haven Haagaman Memorial Library every other month sharing information from The Epilepsy Foundation of Connecticut as well as information from The Epilepsy Foundation of New England, dates to be announced.  Unfortunately, there is need for grant funding to help with  research to determine how the social, economical, educational and behavioral impact those diagnosed with Epilepsy, and has on many individuals in our country.  Unfortunately, so many in our community as well as nationwide cannot afford their medication. State and Federal Research can help us find an answer to this serious problem.  Currently, I feel that the diagnosis of Epilepsy is viewed as not as important to other conditions, and is swept under the proverbial “rug”.

“Progress is impossible without change & those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” – George Bernard Shaw

Sharon’s 13th annual Run, Walk or Ride is coming up on May 13th in West Haven, CT.  Join TEAM M…  I am inviting my local town politicians to join this amazing fundraiser for a wonderful cause.  Thank you my dear friends for being a part of backing something that I truly believe in.

Remember… Epilepsy.. Let’s talk about it.


Keep smiling.


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