“Living with Epilepsy.” “Let’s talk about it.”

Good Morning My blog family and friends.

Earbuds in listening to Pavarotti and Eric Clapton’s amazing song “Holy Mother”, the lyrics are beautiful, I highly suggest that you add this song to your playlist. In route to the Boston, Massachusetts area for a meeting with The Epilepsy Foundation of New England, and thinking of the many struggles those with Epilepsy have. There are many facets to a family and their ability to support one another when there is a diagnosis of Epilepsy.  Siblings may feel stress and/or forgotten about when parents may not show as much attention to them but when a child or teen has a seizure, attention and care is immediately needed when a seizure begins. It is never meant for Parents to turn from the other siblings, it is a natural instinct of a parent to be there to care and support the health of their child.  So, I ask any siblings who are struggling with stress or anxiety of parental love, to always remember your parents love all siblings and need to care for the one who needs the most care at the moment.  If you have any questions or feel stressed over family issues and Epilepsy, please contact Neurish Corporation or your local Epilepsy Foundation for guidance. 

Have an amazing day!

Keep Smiling!


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