“Living with Epilepsy.” “Let’s talk about it.”

Good Afternoon Friends!

Earbuds in listening to Adele’s famous song “Hello”, this song should be a staple to your playlist, great song to sing in the shower. After having a long weekend away, with my dear friend, I was given the opportunity to reflect upon all types of relationships.  Relationships in general are as delicate as a rose and need to be treated with care, otherwise the “rose” will not grow in a healthy manner. Trust, being the root or foundation of all relationships is needed. This foundation needs to be solid. Loyalty, respect, honesty, kindness are just a few attributes of the many needed to have a successful relationship. 

Don’t make someone a priority in life if they only make you an option”- unknown 

Forgiveness is the virtue of the brave! In any healthy relationship when someone is hurt it is only virtuous to forgive and work on the goodness the relationship had, and bring it back to where it was before the hurt took place. 

Remember Epilepsy… talk about it…

Keep Smiling!


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