“Living with Epilepsy.” “Let’s talk about it.”

Good morning my dear friends. Happy June 1st!

Earbuds in listening to the song “Get To Me” by Train (My Private Nation CD). The lyrics to this song are very special to me. Today I am Thinking about a very amazing job opportunity that has presented itself to me, when I least expected it and needed it the most.  Yes, I am on thankful and excitement overload this morning.   One of the challenges with having been diagnosed with Epilepsy is having the courage and strength to get upclose and personal enough for blogging, writing and advocating about my diagnosis and letting my story be known with confidence.  This courageous feat took years for me to obtain. Yes, I have been seizure free for many years but still take medication for life to stay controlled. Epilepsy will not define who I am as a person. My goal is to help many over the “hump” of not allowing Epilepsy define who “they” are.  Many thanks to all my dear friends as well as Matthew, Scott, Stephanie, Fionnuala, Phil, the Epilepsy Foundation of Connecticut and Connecticut State Representative James Albis, especially to the East Haven Hagaman Memorial Library and the many who follow and read my blog to help share my Advocacy, knowledge and passion of Epilepsy and the various challenges one may go through with the written word. 

“A true hero isn’t measured by his strength, but by the size and strength of his heart.”                       – Hercules

Remember… Epilepsy, let’s talk about it…

Keep Smiling,


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