“Living with Epilepsy.” ” Let’s talk about it.”

Happy First Day of Summer!

Earbuds in, Listening to one of Kelly Clarkson’s hit songs, “Catch My Breath”. The lyrics to this song tells quite the story, that many of us, including myself can connect with. If you do not already have this song on your playlist please add it.  

Change is so very good for the spirit and the soul. Never allow anyone to tarnish your beautiful glow. Don’t let fear keep you from trying something new and exciting that will add to your overall personal growth.  Remember, you are the leading lady/man in your life’s “movie”.   Only allow those who lift you up and make you a better you into your life, not those who use negativity and are judgemental. I believe in you and look forward to sharing your upcoming stories about change and how positive it can be!!! 

You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last.” -unknown 

Remember…Epilepsy..Let’s talk about it.

Keep Smiling!


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