“Living with Epilepsy.” “Let’s talk about it.”

Good Afternoon Friends.

Earbuds in listening to “Your Song”, written and performed by Sir Elton John.  Elton John has been diagnosed with Epilepsy and is also a supporter.  Add this song to your playlist, it is a song of reflection, kindness and love…

As you may have noticed, my blogs have been about relationships.  My goal is to help those maintain healthy and happy relationships. Today I want to touch upon communication.   Communication is the key ingredient to keeping any relationship healthy, strong and long lasting. Try to practice not keeping your feelings “bottled” up. Let go of your fear of sharing your feelings and emotions with your significant other.  Your relationship should be a judgment free zone. Always Keep in your heart and soul that you want to be with someone who brings out the best in you and makes you want to be a better person. Remember to always love one another, don’t lie, stay sweet and kind and always be forgiving.  Never talk about ending a relationship, a relationship is hard work, it is a give and take for both involved.  Forget about your pride, when you say “sorry”, please mean it.   Don’t compare your past relationships with your present relationship.  Most importantly, you must be able to show empathy, have the ability to walk in each other’s shoes and be that person to lean on when needed.. 

“Anyone can catch your eye but it takes someone special to catch your heart.”                  -unknown 

Remember, Epilepsy…. Let’s talk about it.

Keep Smiling 


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