“In Search Of..”

Approximately 8 weeks ago my dear friend asked that I join her on a mini vacation.  Our trip would change my life forever.  We visited a beautiful New England Island.  Due to my lack of sunscreen application I had a pretty bad sunburn and I was “bed bound” for a day or two. During this time I had time to reflect upon “life”, specifically thoughts about my own “life”. My wants, needs, hopes, dreams etc. (you get the idea) My  next chapter in life and “goal”  was to  become part of this amazing Island community. My research grant for Yale University ended, my son was attending college so I was in the perfect position to make this move. This Island not only has captivating outward beauty but the close, tight knit and supportive bond that the “locals” have for one another is something I have never experienced before.   Of course no one “community” is perfect, but I will share with you that this small community is pretty close to what perfection is/or what many imagine. Since my first trip here I have come to visit every week in search of employment and an apartment.  Well, I obtained a position here and found a charming apartment. I have become a resident of this amazing town.. So, I was “in search of” a tight knit community that would help eachother out during good times and challenging times, a community that welcomes new comers with open arms and a friendly smile.  Of course I miss my home, but I have found a diamond in the rough here with this small Island community.  Thank you to so many that have become a second family to me.  

Take a chance, step outside your comfort zone, you never know what beautiful adventure is awaiting you. Make your next chapter an exciting one.


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