In search for “Gratitude”.

Good Evening friends near and far. 

Earbuds in listening to “One and Only” by Adele.  This song shares feelings of love, loyalty and devotion.  I highly suggest adding this powerful masterpiece to your playlist.  Having time to reflect here has allowed me to see life more clearly.  I am Living with gratitude in my heart and love in my soul.  Take time out of your day, no matter how busy you may be to reflect upon this great gift of life we have been given.  Think about your accomplishments and setbacks.  Having gratitude in your heart, your challenges and struggles will be life’s “growing pains”.  Our journey wouldn’t be unique if it didn’t have its “trials and tribulations”.  Gratitude is a word for which we all should work toward understanding and practicing.  Paying it forward daily through one random act of kindness will put a smile on another’s face and joy in your heart.  You don’t need a reason to help another.  Remember, the struggle ends when gratitude begins.  So, tell me what are you grateful for today?

Remember, Epilepsy… Just talk about it.

Keep Smiling..


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