In search of a “Lens”……

Good Morning friends near and far!

Earbuds in listening to “Words” by the band Train.  If you have the opportunity I highly suggest listening and adding this song to your playlist.  

Thank you for following my blog. “In search of”, is part of an exciting journey through life.  As a photographer I see things in a different manner, most photographer’s will agree with me on that statement. What I photograph is almost “poetic”, looking beyond what others may only catch a glimpse of becomes a work of art to my heart and soul.   A quote that I feel is needed to share with so many today is “look and think before opening the shutter.  The heart and mind are the true lens of the camera.” By Yousuf Karsh

As an adult, I have witnessed so many that use unkind words, forgetting how fragile the heart is and that words  in some instances can paralyze the spirit.  Make the world a better place with kindness is my belief.  Start with your reflection.  Self change can make a difference in how the world sees you.  Yes, I am talking to you! This is what our fragile world needs.  Give love daily through small and random acts of kindness.  But it all starts with you.  If we as a “Community” share kindness with eachother the world will be a better place.  Be grateful for the beauty that surrounds us, hold it in your heart and share with others.  Start today.  I look forward to sharing a little kindness with you today. 

Keep Smiling,


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