In search for “warm and fuzzy”….

Every Friday morning I would grab a cup of tea or coffee and head to the Ferry Terminal from this amazing Island to go home and visit family and pick up weekly necessities. The one “sure thing” I came in contact with was the Crew on the Ferry. Guaranteed was a genuine smile and the question of how my day was. Recently, I had to take the Ferry to the “main land” due to my not feeling well. The kindness and care of crew members who actually checked on me during my travel was heart warming. The Island Ferry is more than a mode of transportation to me, it is now also an extension of what I call family. My request to any travelers taking the Ferry is to extend the “Olive Branch”, get to know these folks, I promise you will feel as warm and fuzzy as I do about your travel on the “ferry”. See you very soon.

Keep Smiling.


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