In search of a loyal heart……

Listening to “Play that song” by the band Train.  The song I really hope to hear is “The Bells of St. Mary’s” By Bing Crosby. Now if you attended St. Mary’s High School, this song will forever be near and dear to your heart.  Today I was not able to attend St. Mary’s reunion, but I thought of each and every loyal heart I attended school with.

We were all so fortunate to have loving parents that decided to send us to an amazing school which was rich in history and taught us friendship, sisterhood, loyalty and of course religion. Years later we continue our love of sisterhood.  We check up on each other and support eachother through happy and challenging moments.  The gratitude that we feel for eachother is beyond words.  I wish only the best for each and every graduate, and am thrilled that we continue with our reunions that are filled with kindness and care. Sending only best wishes to both that observed today’s reunion and those that could not. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Keep Smiling…


2 thoughts on “In search of a loyal heart……

  1. Hi Maria my name is Herve and im From France near castle of Versailles So now l would like help for the search epileptic chidren Because before l was epileptic 26 years See you later Herve

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