My name is Maria.  I am a Professional Photographer and past Epilepsy Research Assistant. To this day I struggle with Epilepsy, on a very personal level. At age 15, I was diagnosed with Epilepsy. I saw my world change to what It would be to what it actually was. I felt different from all other teenagers.  I felt like a prisoner in my own body.  Medications were given to me and the teachers put me in the back of the class to nap.  I felt anger and sadness, Sister Rosemary Reynolds helped me through, with a loving heart and told me  that I can one day help others. Well Sister Rosemary, you were right.  Growing up in a very close knit family, there was so much love and protection, almost too much.  My younger brother was and still is so very special to my heart, my brother helped me on many occasions during a seizure. At the time, he was very young and I am sure he grew up watching my parents worry as he worried in silence.  He was and still is filled with strength and positivity. Today he is an amazing friend to me, loving husband to his wife and adoring father to his children.  Years passed and I took my fears, uncertainty, lack of self esteem and picked up a camera. I was taught by a wonderful photographer and am thankful to him, my love and passion is photography.  I see beauty, love and empathy in every image taken. Behind the camera I am filled with strength, not weakness, filled with power, not powerless, my self esteem is soaring, I feel beautiful from the inside out.  Just from taking images that make so many of you happy and smile.  So I welcome you to my blog on “Living with Epilepsy” “let’s talk about it”.  We can only learn from one another and the story we carry deep inside our soul.  Look forward to Meeting Neurologists, First responders, Nurses, Researchers and Scientists and how they will help each and everyone of us struggling with this disease.  And few surprise visitors…We all have a  story to share, So Lets talk..