In search of a loyal heart……

Listening to “Play that song” by the band Train.  The song I really hope to hear is “The Bells of St. Mary’s” By Bing Crosby. Now if you attended St. Mary’s High School, this song will forever be near and dear to your heart.  Today I was not able to attend St. Mary’s reunion, but I thought of each and every loyal heart I attended school with.

We were all so fortunate to have loving parents that decided to send us to an amazing school which was rich in history and taught us friendship, sisterhood, loyalty and of course religion. Years later we continue our love of sisterhood.  We check up on each other and support eachother through happy and challenging moments.  The gratitude that we feel for eachother is beyond words.  I wish only the best for each and every graduate, and am thrilled that we continue with our reunions that are filled with kindness and care. Sending only best wishes to both that observed today’s reunion and those that could not. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Keep Smiling…


In search for “warm and fuzzy”….

Every Friday morning I would grab a cup of tea or coffee and head to the Ferry Terminal from this amazing Island to go home and visit family and pick up weekly necessities. The one “sure thing” I came in contact with was the Crew on the Ferry. Guaranteed was a genuine smile and the question of how my day was. Recently, I had to take the Ferry to the “main land” due to my not feeling well. The kindness and care of crew members who actually checked on me during my travel was heart warming. The Island Ferry is more than a mode of transportation to me, it is now also an extension of what I call family. My request to any travelers taking the Ferry is to extend the “Olive Branch”, get to know these folks, I promise you will feel as warm and fuzzy as I do about your travel on the “ferry”. See you very soon.

Keep Smiling.


In search of tranquility.

Earbuds in of course.. listening to “Riseup” by Andra Day. This song puts bumps in the road into perspective. Please upload this song of strength to your Fall playlist. 

We all go through bumps in the “road” of life but I have learned having a very bumpy road lately that each bump has a lesson to be learned.  What have I learned about bumps, well sometimes they are permanent it’s how “you” handle each situation and come out “dancing” instead of turning it into a negative situation remember make your personal story amazing no matter how happy or sad.  You see if we didn’t have our bumps we wouldn’t meet the people we are supposed to meet in life, (for this I am grateful) or go through the positive situations at the end of the “bump”.  Each and every one of us will have challenges and struggles it is how we handle each situation that will bring us closer to those moments of happiness.  Only allow in your life those people that make you feel complete and whole, those who are in your life that bring out the “best” in you not those who bring you down or make you not feel less than who you are, because you are AMAZING.   Make a Fall cleaning list of whom is allowed in your life, and who is not! Make those  significant changes, remembering always life is a journey that is too short to have any negative people part of your “beautiful life” that only you have ownership of.  

I want to thank my loyal followers, near and far  and my very dear friends you give me my continued love of writing.

Keep Smiling.

Remember Epilepsy… just talk about it…